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Repousse any shape and any style with Eastern Repousse Tools.

Go ahead... life has no molds...


In the process of repousse, the tips of your tools, their shapes and finish are what get transferred to your metal. With every hammer blow to your tool, your metal changes shape and texture and hopefully for the better. Filing steel is relatively easy to do, but achieving a smooth consistent tip on the right shape takes time and practice.

Eastern Repousse Tools, close up


These Tools Can Be Used for All Types of Repousse but Are the Only Kind that Can Be Used for Eastern Repousse

No other type of repousse tool has the necessary shapes to give such precise control. The round stock is more comfortable to hold, and the tapered necks allow the user to see tool placement with greater accuracy. Because they are designed to be held near the neck, they fit any hand size, and there is a tool to fit into almost any relief space no matter how tight or deep. Whatever your repousse style, height, or level of detail these tools will do the job.

Never have to stop and make more tools!

The 8 tools in the set are all you need - and all Victoria uses - to create exquisite works in any type of repousse or chasing. These sets of tools have been replicated from Victoria’s own unique tools, specifically designed for the oldest type of repoussé. Each set has been precision crafted on Swiss-type CNC machines from high carbon steel, high polished, and heat treated to 50RC +/- to produce the necessary types of forging strikes in both shape and depth.

Victoria personally tests every tool and hand finishes the tips of each large and small line tool to ensure absolute quality.

Each set includes all the repousse tools you need to create exquisite relief:

  • Large Line Tool
  • Small Line Tool
  • Large Push Tool
  • Small Push Tool
  • Edging Tool
  • Large Planishing Tool
  • Thin Planishing Tool
  • Small Planishing Tool

Eastern Repousse Tools are made in the USA, packaged in a reusable container, and guaranteed for 5 years under normal repoussé use.

Sold as a set only. Not sold individually.

Shipping weight 7 ounces







All DVDs in the series are encoded for all regions on planet Earth.

International shipping available.

Order online anytime,

For wholesale inquiries please contact Victoria



Never have to make another tool to "fit that shape" ever again...


From Victoria: I've taught the technique of Eastern repousse and chasing to hundreds of people, and while some people very much enjoy making the the tools, most people just want to jump in and explore the technique. There have always been other sets of tools commercially available, but I've never found any that didn't require a great deal of re-grinding to make them usable. I've also found that half the tools in the sets are often redundant and unnecessary.

After years of searching for a better way, I had my own tools replicated so that people, who don't wish to spend hours at a grinder, can jump into moving and shaping metal right away. Because the high quality round stock steel they are made from is smooth and easy to hold, I now use them exclusively to create all my repousse and chasing artwork instead of my original tools.

If you have questions please email Victoria.


The Falcon, book

The falcon



Landscape of My Dreams, bracelet

Landscape of my Dreams

Original Side Weave Mesh chain pattern bracelet with a clasp of Eastern repousse from straight grain mokume gane

Chocolate Bunny, pendant

Chocolate Bunny


Allahoudine II, bracelet

Allahoudine II



Imagination Bodies Forth

Imagination Bodies Forth



Holding line Ttool

  • The round stock is more comfortable and allows you to rotate the tool easily.
  • The tapered necks and tips let you see exactly where you place the tool, which gives greater control and accuracy.
  • Because they are designed to be held near the tip, they will work for any size hands.


Enraptured II, bracelet

Enraptured II

Featured in the exhibition Metal Inclinations 2, presented by the Society for Midwest Metalsmiths

Underwater Landscape V, necklace

Underwater Landscape V

Eastern Repousse and Chasing DVD

Over 5 hours of instruction and inspiration that will teach you how to hammer like the masters.

My interest in Repousse was greatly influenced by Lansford, being drawn to sculptural pieces, I was attracted to her work. When first looking at examples of her pieces I was inclined to find out as much as I could to help me to create very three dimensional and tactile textures that create dynamic tactile surfaces. This undulation of the piece causes light and shadow to play upon the surface as the piece is viewed adding depth. In differing light conditions this will make the viewed piece far more dynamic and ?alive.' This was an effect I wanted to create in my future body of work... her instructional videos are second to none with clear explanations of processes, with a relaxed and easy style that encourages one to get on and have a go.

-Stuart Griffiths

Cornwall, England


Spirale Sancta, bracelet

Spirale Sancta

Eastern repousse cuff bracelet

Echo Knowledge, tiny bookcase

Echo Knowledge

Eastern repousse book spines and bookcase

with Russian filigree doors

Enveloped II, ring

Enveloped II

Allahoudine III, earrings

Allahoudine III

Earrings of Eastern repousse straight grain mokume gane

High res, non-watermarked images are available for PR use in the Pressroom.


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